All Natural Deodorant

If you have been looking for an Organic All Natural Aluminum Free deodorant that WORKS, you’ve found it!


After years of using deodorants that were laden with chemicals, I decided to make a switch to an all natural one. The problem now was not the chemicals, but that I was not loving how I would smell come about noon time.. So I took the problem into my own hands (literally) and started playing with different ingredients until I finally found one that WORKS. Great for both men and women.

The scent of this is a very light and refreshing lemon. It is not over powering like some, but has a delicate scent. The lemon pure essential oil has antibacterial properties, which stops the smell before it begins. You WILL still sweat using this deodorant, (which is something our bodies do naturally and should continue to do) but you will smell FABULOUS doing so! CLICK THE LINK BELOW

To use is simple, take the pad of your finger and take out about a dime sized amount and rub under each arm after the shower. You can re-apply as needed, although I don’t find that I need to.

This 4oz jar will last for months!

Ingredients: Unrefined Organic Coconut Oil, Aluminum Free Baking Soda, Organic Arrowroot Power, Lemon Pure Essential Oil


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